Joy Behar blasts Van Jones: 'F*ck your kumbaya! When they go low, we go lower -- these people are crazy'
Van Jones and Joy Behar (Photo: Real Time/Twitter)

On tonight's episode of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, liberal commentator and comedian Joy Behar called out Van Jones -- who has previously claimed that Democrats need to take the high road with Republicans.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was famous for saying "When they go low - we go high," but Behar said that Democrats must "go for the jugular" the way the GOP does. "No, when they go low we should go lower," Behar said.

"You're the first perpetrator of this. He wants the kumbaya," Beher said to Jones. "F*ck your kumbaya! These people on that side are crazy. Don't you understand? They're crazy! You don't deal with white supremacists. I'm done talking to him, I'm talking to you," Behar then turned from Jones back to Maher.

Maher has made similar arguments in past shows that Democrats need to stop bringing a lollipop to a gunfight and fight back against the GOP. During last week's show, Democratic strategist James Carville tried to explain that it wouldn't work because Democrats wouldn't stand for the kind of talk heard from the likes of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Jones later defended himself by saying that Democrats must try and get some of the Trump voters back on their side by going out and talking to them.

"All I'm saying is we got a great circle that includes women and Muslims, everybody, Jewish people. We need to get the circle bigger to take it away from them. And I'll tell you what, if you don't go and we don't go, the Nazis will go. And I'm not going to do that in my country," Jones said.

Watch her commentary below: