Joy Reid says Trump voters really don't care about the economy: 'They just want him to crush us'
Joy Reid (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC's Joy Reid told XM Radio's Dean Obeidallah on Saturday that "Trumpism" is a danger to America's children and that his voters are running on resentment, not on "economic anxiety."

“Trumpism is actually a thing -- it’s making children more coarse and cruel to each other," Reid said. "Its’s allowing kids to use racist slurs against each other in his name and use sexist slurs in his name."

She continued, "His supporters don’t care that he is vulgar- they are actually glad that he is vulgar and crude."

Nor do they care about the economy or "cuts to their 401K," she said. "They just want him to crush us."

Listen to an excerpt, embedded below: