Larry David and The View: Joy Behar was calling Trump a moron 'way before' it was cool
Comedian Larry David on 'The View' (Screen capture)

On Thursday, comic Larry David stopped by ABC's "The View" to help lend credence to co-host Joy Behar's claim that she was calling President Donald Trump a "moron" long ago -- and even wrote about it in her new book, The Great Gasbag: An A to Z Guide to Surviving Trump World.

In discussing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's press conference on Wednesday, Behar said, "Well, he told you he's not gonna lie. He doesn't lie. He could have easily said, 'I didn't say that' and he didn't do it."

"Even though it is alleged that Tillerson called Trump a moron, I am confirming allegations that I actually called him a moron way before," Behar said before cameras cut to David doing a "dramatic reading" from the chapter "M is for Moron," which explains where Trump calls on the "medical scale of stupidity."

Watch the video, embedded below: