'Make Daycare Great Again': Parents send racist letter to childcare center after they hire a 'too dark' black woman
A child playing in a daycare center (image via Shutterstock).

Employees at a daycare center in Pennsylvania came to work earlier this week to discover that they'd been sent a hateful anonymous letter, presumably from parents, directed at a black employee.

"So most of us noticed you have a black girl working for the daycare," the anonymous letter read. "Our problem is she’s too dark most of the kids is scared of her. I am only telling you this because some of us are planning to pull our kid form the daycare shes an eye sore [sic]."

The letter went on to recommend that if they must "touch all of the nationalities," the daycare should "maybe hire a light skinned black."

"I hope you make her aware shes not wanted," the poorly-written letter continued. "I’m sending her a copy as well. However if she needs a job Mcdonalds [sic] is always hiring her kind."

"P.S. Just trying 'TO MAKE YOUR DAYCARE GREAT AGAIN,'" the letter concluded.

Fellow employees at the daycare posted images of the letter on Twitter. The letter's veracity was verified by Snopes and by an article published in the local Morning Call newspaper.

The image tweeted by the employee identified as "Lexi" soon went viral, causing her to receive threats from Trump supporters that led her to hire a lawyer.