Maryland teen's racist 'Freddie Gray' Halloween costume draws outrage
A Maryland teenager dressed in a prison jumpsuit with the label "Freddie Gray" on the back (Screen cap).

A teenage in Maryland has sparked outrage when a photo of him wearing an orange prison jumpsuit with the words "Freddie Gray" written on the back popped up on Facebook.

CBS Baltimore reports that four different teenagers -- three boys and one girl -- were photographed wearing the prison costumes, although only one can be seen with the "Freddie Gray" name tag on the back, referring to the black Baltimore teenager who died in police custody in 2015.

The only girl whose photo was taken wearing the prison jumpsuit issued an apology, although she insisted that she was not trying to portray any real-life prisoner or to mock Freddie Gray or any other victims of police brutality.

"I truly did not mean for my costume to be disrespectful but looking back on it I should have realized how messed up my costume was," the girl wrote in her apology. "But I promise I would NEVER write Freddie grey on the back of my shirt. I’m really sorry."

Gray suffered severe spinal cord injuries during a ride in a police van in April of 2015. Prosecutors alleged that the officers involved in the case gave Gray a “rough ride” intended to hurt him on his way to the police station, although they never found conclusive evidence that this was the officers’ intent.

Watch CBS Baltimore's report on the incident below.