Meghan McCain drops a truth bomb: Trump's 'fake news siren song' is 'red meat to his base'
Meghan McCain (Screengrab / ABC)

“The View” conservative Meghan McCain on Thursday explained the purpose behind Donald Trump’s near-constant barrage of attacks on the media, telling her cohosts the president uses his “fake news siren song” as “red meat to his base.”

The cast was discussing Trump’s recent pivot to calling for the revocation of “licenses” for media organizations he disagrees with, most notably—at least in recent days—NBC News.

“He loves the second amendment, he hates the first,” Joy Behar said of the president.

Sara Haines noted Trump’s suggestion he will pull licenses for networks he thinks are fake is at odds with the conservative “snowflake” mantra that argues liberals are too quick to shut down speech that offends them.

“Whatever happened to having conversations rather than just shutting down people who disagree with you?” Haines asked.

“Those days are long gone,” McCain explained. “And let me tell you, when I see this, and obviously the ‘fake news’ siren song, it is red meat to his base.”

“His supporters love it,” she added, explaining that 50 percent of Republicans think the press has too much freedom.

“This is about the culture war in America,” McCain added, noting “conservatives feel like the fake news, fake media, doesn’t understand them doesn’t represent them”

“This is what his base loves, it’s what riles them up,” she said of Trump’s attacks.

Watch McCain explain why ‘fake news’ is red meat to Trump’s base below, via ABC: