Miami cop gets promotion in spite of 'Memorial Day killing' when he shot unarmed man 8 times
Police officer holding gun (Shuttershock)

In 2011, Miami Beach Police Officer Kenne Espada and 11 fellow officers fired a total of 116 bullets aimed at a supposed drunk driver, many of which ended up wounding four bystanders.

None of the officers in the infamous "Memorial Day killing" were indicted, and now, according to the Miami New Times, Espada is being promoted to sergeant.

Espada, who fired eight of the rounds that killed 22-year-old vacationer Raymond Herisse, "successfully tested for promotion," Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez said.

Espada and his co-workers responded when Herisse was heard squealing his tires at 4 a.m. on Memorial Day weekend. Their reports said they saw the man reach into his back seat, causing them to fear for their lives. Once one officer reached for his arm, Herisse sped away. That's when the bullets started raining.

In the process, officers not only struck Herisse, but also four bystanders -- one of whom was shot so close to the heart, surgeons could not remove the bullet. Officers were also filmed "pointing guns randomly into innocent bystanders' cars," and reportedly confiscated cell phones used to record the incident.

As the New Times notes, the officers' stories changed multiple times, especially regarding a weapon in Herisse's car.

"They initially claimed they found a gun wrapped in a towel underneath the driver's seat," the report notes. "Then the story changed: Cops later said the gun was wrapped in a T-shirt under the rear passenger's-side seat. Herisse's fingerprints were not found on the gun."

Two of Espada's eight bullets penetrated Herisse, though it's unclear if either killed him.

You can watch video of the chaotic incident below.