Here are all the Republican and Democrats who laid into Trump saying all the things you wish you could say
Former presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Sen John McCain on "Meet the Press Daily" (composite image)

NBC News political director and moderator of "Meet the Press" Chuck Todd combined a captivating highlight reel with a discussion of modern political history to try and provide MSNBC views with context for the unprecedented criticism President Donald Trump received from political elder statesmen.

"During this week of broken politics and crumbling civility, we saw the alarm bells being sounded in a remarkable way, in what felt like a coordinated rebuke of this country's current leadership," Chuck Todd introduced. "That point was made using the power of the ex-presidency as President Bush did. It was made combining the power of the ex-presidency with the passions of the campaign trail, as President Obama did. It was made by a war hero's rallying cry as he's battling a grave illness, as Senator McCain did."

"For Presidents Bush and Obama and Senator McCain, they all spoke in different places and under different circumstances, but they all spoke from the same place about the direction of American politics as it stands right now," Todd explained. "They all spoke from the same place about the lack of morality in American politics...and they all spoke from the same place about perhaps most important the lack of American leadership from the top on down."

Todd brought on NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss in an attempt to explain the significance.

"I think we have to pause for a moment and say how historic this was this week," Beschloss suggested. "You never see that."

"The code has been broken, so you have to assume this was like an intervention by people felt there was nothing else that would change it," Beschloss concluded.

"Interesting way to put it. Intervention," Todd replied.