MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle bursts into tears shaming Trump over fallen soldiers: 'Families are heartbroken'
MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle (screen grab)

During a segment honoring soldiers who were recently killed in Niger, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle choked up over the tragic end to the men's service.

Following the news that President Donald Trump told the widow of one slain soldier that he "knew what he was signing up for," Ruhle explained that she wanted to focus on a different aspect of the men's lives.

"I want us this morning to honor those fallen soldiers in a bit of a different way," she explained. "Really, I want to share the stories of those four men who were killed in the line of duty."

"Four families are now heartbroken today," Ruhle said. "Children are without fathers, wives are without husbands and parents are without their sons. I want to go beyond the politics."

With her voice cracking, she continued: "That's what matters here! For just a moment, focus on these brave American heroes who were defending our freedoms and their devastated families today."

As Ruhle named the soldiers -- Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, 39; and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, 29; and Sgt. La David Johnson, 25 -- the MSNBC host began to choke up.

And by the time she revealed that one soldier's 6-year-old daughter greeted his casket, Ruhle was bawling, nearly unable to talk.

Ruhle ended the segment sniffling.

"Those are four great American heroes who are the ones we should be talking about," she concluded. "Whether it's the president calling their families or whether it's all of us every day appreciating the men and women who serve our country who may be thousands of miles away. We cannot forget to honor them in our daily lives."

Watch the video below from MSNBC.