Mueller finds that Manafort has three passports -- and poses a 'serious flight risk'
Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort (Screen cap).

Among the fallout from the indictment of President Donald Trump's disgraced former campaign Paul Manafort by special counsel Robert Mueller is news about his high potential for fleeing the country.

According to the The Washington Post, court filings show that Manafort has three passports. As NBC News reported, Manafort's wealth and connections (as well as those of his deputy, Rick Gates) make him a "serious flight risk" as well.

The court filings also show that Manafort's financial dealings are so shady, it's unclear exactly how much money he has, owes, or is worth.

"Manafort’s financial holdings are substantial, if difficult to quantify precisely because of his varying representations," the filings, as published by the Post, state. "The full extent of [his assets] is unclear."

The former campaign chairman "reported $42 million in assets in March 2016; $136 million that May; and $28 million and $63 million that August, in two separate financial applications," the Post's report continued.

"The defendants pose a risk of flight based on the serious nature of the charges, their history of deceptive and misleading conduct, the potentially significant sentences the defendants face, the strong evidence of guilt, their significant financial resources, and their foreign connections," Mueller's bail memo, unsealed Tuesday and published in part by NBC, states. "Both have had substantial overseas ties, including assets held abroad, significant foreign work connections, and significant travel abroad."