Oklahoma Democrat sarcastically agrees with GOP their budget is 'bullsh*t'
Oklahoma Legislators battle (Photo: Screen capture)

Democrats and Republicans in the Oklahoma legislature got downright snippy with each other after failing to pass a budget bill for the next fiscal year. Gov. Mary Fallin (R-OK) was forced to call in a special session so that the two parties could agree to pass something, but all they could agree on was how much they dislike each other's ideas.

KOCO reported Wednesday that a heated exchange passed between House Speaker Charles McCall, who was walking past Democratic Reps. Cory Williams and Jason Dunnington.

“I’m hoping this passes,” McCall said as he squeezed between lawmakers and reporters.

“You’re delusional if this passes,” Williams quipped.

“You guys need to support this. This is bullsh*t,” McCall shot back before walking downstairs.

“I’m glad you think so. So does most of Oklahoma,” Williams shouted back.

“We’ve made every compromise possible,” McCall told KOCO. “It is time and it is actually past time for partisan politics.”

There is no partisanship in the Oklahoma legislature, Republicans hold the majority. Out of the 101 seats in the Oklahoma House, 74 belong to Republicans with a mere 28 for Democrats (one is vacant). Still, the GOP couldn't pass a budget throughout the legislative session.

Watch the video of the exchange below: