Olbermann details ‘the mega-indictment possibility’ Mueller could use against ‘proverbial ham sandwich’ Trump
"The Resistance" host Keith Olbermann (via screengrab).

GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann on Tuesday laid out the “the mega-indictment possibility,” or “Mother of all Christmases” he says special counsel Robert Mueller may be using against Donald Trump.

“Trump still doesn't seem to realize that his former campaign manager is being indicted under a stack of charges, including conspiracy against the United States of America,” Olbermann said on his latest installment of “The Resistance.”

The host noted Trump also seems to be blithely unaware that George Papadopoulos is likely now an FBI “informant, one of the first five names Trump ever announced on his foreign policy team, who says the Russians offered him dirt on Hillary Clinton and thousands of Clinton emails, and tried to get Trump to meet with Putin directly.”

Pointing to Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort, Olbermann explained the indictment charges the former Trump campaign chairman—“together with others”—of conspiring against the United States.

“There potentially all sorts of fish out there to indict, later,” Olbermann said.

“Then there is the other possibility: the mega indictment possibility, the MOAC, the Mother of all Christmases,” Olbermann continued, noting the possibility that Mueller has already signed “sealed indictment charges” against Trump himself.

Referencing University of Michigan law professor Barbara McQuade, Olbermann explained “one way to handle” the fact that “a sitting president cannot be held to answer to criminal charges in court,” Mueller could, in theory, “indict him now, seal the indictment, and unseal it on the day [Trump] leaves office by impeachment or otherwise.”

Watch Olbermann outline this possibility below: