Roger Stone predicts GOP's 'lethal pygmies' will use 25th Amendment to push 'giant' Trump out
Roger Stone, a correspondent for Alex Jones' conspiracy theory website Info Wars. (Screengrab)

Longtime Donald Trump confident and notorious Nixon-era dirty trickster Roger Stone warned Info Wars of a "lethal" scheme by the political establishment to remove President Trump from office by utilizing the 25th Amendment.

Stone made the predictions, which he likened to the assassination of John F Kennedy, during a low-quality video interview conducted with Alex Jones' conspiracy theory website while riding through New York City in an Uber.

"Many in the establishment, impatient to get this outsider out of office, are talking about a 25th Amendment play," Stone suggested.

The 25th Amendment and impeachment are the two legal mechanisms that could be employed to remove Donald Trump from office, prior to his term expiring in January, 2021.

Vice President Mike Pence and a majority of Donald Trump's hand-picked cabinet would be required to utilize the 25th Amendment, which by it's very nature must originate from within the party of the president being removed and would likely require affirmation from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

"You can see where this 25th Amendment play is coming from," Stone noted, backing up his predictions by citing a Democratic member of Congress.

"It's real, it's lethal and it's going to go down," Stone promised.

"Now my sources tell me, that the game plan is to elevate Vice President Mike Pence to the presidency, whereupon he would turn around appoint Paul Ryan as vice President, subject to the confirmation of the US Senate," Stone predicted. "I imagine Mitch McConnell could handle that."

"This is the nefarious plot these men are engaged in," Stone charged. "At this point, Donald Trump is a giant surrounded by lethal pygmies."

"I think Pence has to play a very close hand here, in other words, he can't look like he's a major mover in the conspiracy, he merely has to look like he's the beneficiary. Kinda reminds me of Lyndon Johnson in the takedown of John Kennedy. In this case however, it is not a murder plot, it's a legal plot," Stone suggested.

"We've seen one president taken down in a coup d'etat, in cold blood, John Kennedy. We saw another president taken down in a legal coup d'etat, Richard Nixon," Stone claimed. "Now they intend to remove Donald Trump on the basis of the claim that he's mentally unstable."

Watch Roger Stone explain conspiracy theories while stuck in Manhattan traffic: