Shep Smith lambastes Trump for claiming 'Obamacare is dead': 'It is still the law of the land'
Fox News' Shep Smith (Screenshot)

Prior to holding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's hand in the Rose Garden, President Donald Trump spoke to press and told them that they shouldn't even bother covering the Affordable Care Act anymore because it's "dead."

"Obamacare is finished," the president said during a cabinet meeting. "It's dead. It's gone. It's no longer. You shouldn't mention it. It's gone. There's no such thing anymore."

But as Fox News' Shep Smith pointed out, that statement is categorically untrue.

"It is, actually, still the law of the land," Smith said. "It has not been repealed."

Nevertheless, Trump's moves last week to gut the ACA by allowing people to leave the marketplace for cheaper plans did deal a serious blow to former President Barack Obama's flagship healthcare law.

The plans that Trump's order allows people to leave the ACA marketplace for "don't always cover the illnesses with which people are inflicted," Smith noted. 

"Critics say those moves will raise costs for millions and millions of Americans," he concluded. Indeed, even the president's former adviser Steve Bannon said the president intentionally "blew up" the exchanges

Watch Smith fact-check the president below, via Fox News.