‘That is direct evidence of collusion’: MSNBC analyst says it’s clear Trump is ‘beholden to Russia’
Jeremy Bash on MSNBC (Photo: screencap)

During an MSNBC panel, MSNBC's national political correspondent Jeremy Bash said that the recent finding that the Russian lawyer that met with President Donald Trump's campaign got talking points from the Kremlin, proves collusion.

"They authorized it and greenlighted the talking points. That is direct evidence of collusion," Bash said.

Host Nicolle Wallace commented that Bash often reminds panels that collusion with a foreign entity is not a crime.

"If it's not a crime, why is it such an electrified third rail for Donald Trump? Why is he tweeting about it?" Wallace asked.

"There could be some criminal actions here that Bob Mueller will take before the grand jury," Bash explained. "Like violations of federal election law. Violation of the registration requirements, as a foreign agent, but more fundamentally, this is a national security violation and part of the FBI and Bob Mueller's probe is to determine whether or not America's national security was compromised. What leverage Russia had during the campaign over our foreign policy and this is going to be a major part of what Bob Mueller and the congressional committees look at."

He went on to say that this new evidence shows that Trump is actually in the pocket of someone, despite his claims.

Watch the full segment below: