Trump gives his response to Puerto Rico 'a ten' -- even as 28% of residents still lack drinking water
Donald Trump (Screengrab)

President Donald Trump on Thursday gave his own response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico glowing reviews, even though more than a quarter of residents on the island still lack access to drinking water.

In talking with reporters, the president said that, on a scale of one to ten, his effort to help Puerto Rico recover from the hurricane has been "a ten" so far. For good measure, the president also said his work deserved an "A+" if it were graded like a school paper.

Despite the president's boasts, however, the Federal Emergency Management Agency still estimates that 28% of Puerto Ricans lack access to potable water, while 83% still lack electricity. Additionally, only 392 miles of Puerto Rico's 5,073 miles of roads are operational.

Hurricane Maria first made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, and President Trump first visited the island on October 4.

Watch the video below.