Trump's 2020 campaign is now fundraising off Mike Pence's $250,000 NFL 'PR stunt'
Mike Pence at Colt's game standing for anthem (Photo: VP/Twitter)

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign on Monday sent out a fundraising email touting Mike Pence’s expensive decision to walk out in protest during Sunday night’s 49ers-Colts game.

Pence’s walkout, which cost taxpayers and estimated $242,500, successfully reignited the national debate around NFL player’s protests. Seizing the opportunity, Trump’s campaign implored supporters to donate

"Yesterday members of the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during our National Anthem," a fundraising email sent out on Monday reads. "Their stunt showed the world that they don't believe our flag is worth standing for. But your Vice President REFUSED to dignify their disrespect for our anthem, our flag, and the many brave soldiers who have died for their freedoms."

According to the email, Trump is offering "I STAND FOR THE FLAG" stickers to contributors who donate $5 or more.

Trump on Sunday tweeted that he directed Pence to leave the stadium if players kneel.

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling last year to protest the treatment of black people in the United States. Safety Eric Reid on Sunday said Pence’s move looked "like a PR stunt to me.”