Twitter's CEO shared tweets from 'Russian troll farm' account claiming to be a black woman: report
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (image via Wikimedia Commons).

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the latest victim of Russia's propaganda "troll farms."

According to The Daily Beast, Dorsey retweeted two post from by the account @Crystal1Johnson that claimed to be a black woman but has since been revealed an account made by the Russian Internet Research Agency with links to the Kremlin.

"Rihanna collects her Humanitarian of the Year award from Harvard. She kicked off #WomensHistoryMonth with a bang!" reads one of the tweets Dorsey shared from @Crystal1Johnson in March 2016.

The next week, he shared another that read "Nobody is born a racist. This picture is so sweet! Teach your children to judge others by the kind of person they are inside."

The @Crystal1Johnson account was permanently barred from Twitter in August, and Dorsey has since deleted his RT's. The Beast viewed them using the website

An "exhaustive" investigation by the Russian RBC news agency revealed the "Johnson" account was run out of the St. Petersburg "troll factory."

Late last month, CNN revealed that the Internet Research Agency purchased Facebook ads aimed at people likely to sympathize with Black Lives Matter activists with a likely purpose of "[amplifying] political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos." A later report published just a few days ago revealed that in a similar effort, likely Russian trolls masquerading as a group called "Black Fist" paid for self-defense classes for black activists after President Donald Trump's inauguration this year.

The Beast has not speculated about the purpose of the @Crystal1Johnson account.