WATCH: Black airline passenger berated by drunk man 'playing' his 'white card'
Angry yelling man (Shutterstock)

A drunken airline passenger was caught on camera berating a black woman on a Frontier Airlines flight from St. Louis to Denver earlier this year.

River Front Times reports that the unidentified passenger went into an angry tirade after airline staff refused to continue serving him alcohol. In a video that partially shows the incident, the man yells at fellow passenger Shemekia Cannon, who got into an argument with him while she was trying to get up and move out of her seat.

"I told you not to f*cking sit next to me," the man tells her at one point.

The woman then asks the airline staff to "get him away from me," and tells the man to not show her disrespect.

"I don't care if you're drunk," she tells him.

At this point, he begins yelling repeatedly that "I'm playing my white card," as a justification to not move out of her way, even as airline staff ask him to let her through.

The River Front Times notes that "incident reports obtained from the Denver International Airport show that multiple police officers were dispatched to subdue the man after landing," and a subsequent video shows the man being carted away in a gurney after an apparent struggle with police.

Cannon tells River Front Times that she still has no idea who the man was, and says she has been offered a $250 flight voucher for having to suffer through the incident.

"Stuff like this gets swept under the rug," says Cannon, who said the flight staff bore some blame for the man's condition as they initially served him alcohol even though it was clear he was intoxicated when he first boarded the flight.

Watch the video below.