'We will forever vote for you': Huckabee vows permanent allegiance to Trump in Christian TV interview
Donald Trump speaks to Mike Huckabee (TBN/screen grab)

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee vowed to "forever" vote for Donald Trump after the president praised his daughter, Sarah Sanders, who he described "the most talented" White House press secretary ever.

During an interview that was broadcast on the Christian Trinity Broadcast Network on Saturday, Huckabee began by asking how his daughter was performing at her job.

"Your daughter is a great person, she's a great human being," Trump told the proud father. "And she stepped in and it's not easy. You know, you have a lot of haters out there asking questions. And when I look at those people they are just hating."

"She has done it with brilliance and with coolness and we're very, very happy with the job she's doing," he added. "She's a very exceptional person."

Huckabee seemed to be pleased with that answer.

"Just know that we will forever vote for you having just said that," Huckabee revealed.

Watch the video below from TBN.