White conservative gets stomped for lecturing black CNN guests on how to protest racial injustice
CNN anchor Fredericka Whitfield and conservative pundit Ben Ferguson (Screen capture)

CNN conservative pundit Ben Ferguson got shot down on Sunday when he tried to lecture an otherwise all-black panel about the proper way to protest racial injustice.

Anchor Fredericka Whitfied and three panelists -- all men of color -- were initially slack-jawed that Ferguson would accuse NFL players who kneel during the national anthem of cowardice and say that they're going about the protest of racial injustice improperly.

"The NFL totally overplayed their hand, here," Ferguson said, "and did not realize how many Americans who want to watch sports on Sundays and don't want to be lectured on politics."

"Bread and circuses, Ben," replied panelist Donte Stallworth as Ferguson insisted that black NFL players have "alienated a large amount of their fan base."

"That goes back to the whole messaging issue," Whitfield said. "The intent behind the protest is social injustice," not a protest of the U.S. flag.

"Yeah, but people take it as a protest against of the American flag," said Ferguson -- who is no relation to this reporter.

"The president made it political, dude," said Stallworth, referring to President Donald Trump's statements calling players who kneel "SOBs" at an Alabama rally. "The president made it political by making that statement at a rally, what do you mean? The players are fighting for their First Amendment Rights."

Watch the video, embedded below: