Woody Harrelson was so disgusted by Trump when they met in 2004 he had to smoke a joint to deal with it
Woody Harrelson (Photo: RealTime Twitter)

While promoting his new bio-pic on President Lyndon B. Johnson on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, Woody Harrelson recounted how he met President Donald Trump in 2004.

Harrelson said that he was invited to meet the future president by Jesse Ventura, who Trump was going to ask to be his running mate.

"I was in New York and he said, 'will you come with me? Trump's going to try and get me on his ticket. Democratic ticket,'" Harrelson noted.

"Right, he was a Democrat then," Maher said.

"Yeah, yeah, he didn't care. And I went and it was brutal. It was brutal," Harrelson said. "I've never met a more narcissistic man who talked about himself a whole lot."

"So, he's changed a lot?" Maher joked.

"Yeah, you could see how the standard was going to be for that," Harrelson continued. "I had to walk out like half way through to smoke a joint just to like, steel myself from the rest of it."

Watch below: