Alex Jones show: 'The spirit of Charles Manson is alive in Black Lives Matter and Antifa'
InfoWars host Alex Jones. (Image via screengrab)

Following the death of Charles Manson, Alex Jones' Infowars program asserted on Monday that the serial killer's "spirit" was still alive in social justice groups like Black Lives Matter and the antifascism group Antifa.

In a tweet on Monday, Jones encouraged viewers to tune in to a program titled, "The Spirit Of Charles Manson Is Alive In BLM and Antifa."

"Charles Manson’s death provides an opportunity to reflect on current societal movements that share a similar spirit with Manson and his cult," a description of the program explained. "Just like Manson, many groups are still trying to start a race war in America."

"I think he tells us a lot about our current society," guest host David Knight opined in a promo for the show. "I think we have his spirit living on in many cultural artifacts and movements."

"Can we avoid a race war today?" he continued. "Because that's what Charles Manson wanted to do. And we see that now with many elements in society. He's really not that much different than George Soros, other than he got caught.

Watch the clip below.