Anti-Trump conservatives bide their time until 'Trump train' derails into a 'glorious wreck'
President Donald Trump addressed the nation following the Las Vegas shooting. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

A group of anti-Trump conservatives are anxiously waiting for the end of President Donald Trump's term in office, according to The Washington Post.

A group titled the Meeting of the Concerned gathers every two weeks to strategize and discuss the post-Trump Republican Party. The group includes Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, columnist Mona Charen and other Republicans who are frustrated and disenchanted with the Trump presidency.

On Wednesday, the group will issue its first public statement, a call for Republican lawmakers to prevent any action by Pres. Trump to neutralize or handicap special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations of Trump and his connections to Russia.

The Meeting of the Concerned's membership roster is secret, but some attendees like Jerry Taylor -- co-founder of the libertarian think tank the Niskansen Center -- were willing to go on the record.

Taylor said Republicans have to move against Trump now or risk going down in the history books as "the party of treason."

“Some of us feel that impeachable offenses have already been committed, and some of us are not sure,” Taylor told the Post. “It seems to be unanimous on Mueller, but there’s always some hazard in identifying yourself as part of the Republican resistance.”

“At some point, the Trump train’s going to come to a glorious wreck,” said former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL). “Who’s going to be there to pick up the pieces? I don’t think it’ll be the people who enabled him.”

The group differs on how members believe the Trump presidency will end, whether he will drive the GOP to defeat or transform the Republican Party into the Trump Party.

“Donald Trump is reshaping the heart of the GOP into something that is very dark and very diseased,” said Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC). “My nightmare scenario is a Republican Party that loses its soul. It’s one thing to lose an election. It’s another to lose your soul.”

In its statement, the Meeting of the Concerned said:

“We hereby call on House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell to make clear, both publicly and privately, that they support the Mueller investigation and regard any interference with that investigation, including dismissal of the special counsel or preemptive pardons of investigation targets, as completely unacceptable. We further urge all Republican members of Congress to issue public statements on these issues as well.”