'Are you insane?': Seth Meyers torches our 'neediest and most insecure president' Trump
Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

Seth Meyers mocked Donald Trump—our “neediest and most insecure president”—for shameless hyping his own performance, after the commander-in-chief in Monday tweeted he’s accomplished “more than any 10 month president."

“The way [special counsel] Robert Mueller is handing down indictments, there’s a good chance Trump will be a 10-month president,” Meyers joked.

The “Late Night” host later took aim at Trump’s proclivity towards golfing, despite the president's relentless attacks on his predecessor, Barack Obama, for just that. Meyers noted Trump last week golfed for the fifth straight day, and joked that the U.S. Open only lasts four.

“Trump golfs more than people who play golf for a living,” Meyers said.

He then hit Trump for reportedly telling people the infamous Access Hollywood tape—during which the president admitted to sexual assault—may be fake.

"Are you insane?" Meyers asked. "Oh, wait."

Meyers went on to knock the president’s self-aggrandizing Thanksgiving speech to U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

“Donald Trump is everyone’s grandpa,” Meyers said, noting the 70-year-old man made the call from Florida on Thanksgiving.

“[The troops] were probably relieved to get back to what they were doing—and what they were doing was Afghanistan,” Meyers said.

Watch below: