'Better than the Game of Thrones': Ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd fascinated by timing of Mike Flynn revelations
Philip Mudd (Photo: Screen capture)

Former CIA agent Phil Mudd explained to CNN's Jim Acosta that the timing of revelations from special counsel Robert Mueller has been sequenced to increase pressure during each subsequent phase of the investigation.

'Let's focus on not only what he can offer but the timing," Mudd suggested. "The timing to me, this is better than the 'Game of Thrones,' if you're from Washington, D.C.," Mudd suggested.

"We're going into key interviews in the White House, those interviewees, people like Jared Kushner, now know a couple things. Number one, it's not just about Russia, if you lie, Robert Mueller has already shown he'll indict you. Number two, if you've got financial irregularities, it's not just about Russia, he'll indict you," Mudd explained. "Now we have a number three...if you sort of shuck and jive about what happened during the campaign, there's somebody who was there, was sitting beside you, who's going to say Director Mueller that guy is not telling the truth."

"This is interesting, the timing, because now these people know they're in trouble," Mudd concluded.