Breitbart editor's unbelievable Roy Moore defense: 'Only one' of 3 teens was technically underage editor-at-large Joel Pollack told MSNBC's Ali Velshi on Thursday that the real scandal around U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is The Washington Post used the word "teenagers" to describe the then-14, 16 and 18-year-old girls accusing Moore of sexual advances.

The 16-year-old and 18-year-old girls, Pollack said, were legally at the age of consent in Alabama when 32-year-old Moore attempted to have sex with them, encounters which Pollack described as "legitimate relationships."

"When you read the article, there are several cases mentioned and of those cases, only one would be legally problematic," said Pollack. "All of the others were legal relationships with women who were of age at the time when Roy Moore was single."

While it is true that the age of legal consent for sexual activity in Alabama is 16, The Washington Post was not inaccurate in calling 16 and 18-year-old girls "teenagers" in that it is generally understood that one is still a teen when their numeric age includes the word "teen" at the end -- as in "sixteen" and "eighteen."

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