Campuses blanketed with 'No more secrets' signs warning rapists that women will not stay silent
'No more secrets' sign left on the Atlanta University Center Consortium campuses as part of a 'we know what you did campaign' to draw attention to campus rape.

Signs posted on college campuses in Georgia have launched a viral social media discussion about rape on campus, CBS 46 in Atlanta reports. The signs were placed on the contiguous campuses of Morehouse and Spelmen colleges.

"Some, accuse men from Morehouse of raping women from Spelmen," anchor Sharon Reed explained.

"Others say the schools are covering up sexual assaults," anchor Ben Swann replied.

The signs used the provocative hashtag: #WeKnowWhatYouDid, which became the top trending topic on Twitter in Atlanta. Signs read "No More Secrets," "Morehouse Protects Rapists - Spelman Protects Rapists," with other signs listing the names of specific men.

"Hey, I stand with women," Reed noted. "If someones done something like this, you've got the right to call it out."

"Let the chips fall where they may," Reed concluded.

"Definitely, there's got to be something there," reported Kim Passoth added. "There's a lot trending on Twitter tonight, 3,000 Tweets from students. Obviously there's something going on that they need to talk about."

Since 2014, Spelman College says there has only been a single rape and only two reports of dating violence.

"It's very often where victims stay silent and are kept silent, so I think it's beautiful whoever put those posters down," Spelman College senior Micaela Harris told CBS 46.

"Those who have to walk around and see their attackers on campus, it's a constant reminder. So whoever put those sign down is just reminding us what they have to go through," Harris noted.

"I think that's, you know, fair," Harris concluded.

You can watch the video here.