Ex-Trump aide: Roy Moore accusers 'should not be believed' because sex abuse is just 'me too stuff'
Michael Caputol and Robin Kelly (CNN/screen grab)

Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign aide who was forced to resign over controversial tweets, said on Sunday that the women accusing Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore of child sexual abuse and other sexual harassment allegations "should not be believed" in the final weeks of a Senate campaign.

"If the people of Alabama have their choice," Caputo told CNN's State of the Union program, "I think if these allegations against Moore or true then he should step down. But I don't know that I believe anything that comes out of people's mouths in the last five weeks of a campaign."

"You said that this is a joke," Rep. Robin Kelly (D) noted, confronting Caputo.

"Please!" Caputo shot back. "You can't point this 'me too stuff' at everyone."

"The problem with this 'me too stuff' is it always goes to far," he continued, referring to the women who have accused Moore of sexual abuse. "People are wanting to throw [Democratic Minnesota Sen.] Al Franken out. That's ridiculous."

Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter interrupted, arguing that sexual abuse allegations should be "disqualifying for federal office or any other political office."

"Throwing people out of office, I think it's overkill," Caputo opined. "And here's what's going to happen next as this 'me too thing' goes forward, there's going to be accusations made against Trump campaign people or Trump White House people."

"This agenda is pointing eventually towards Donald Trump," he concluded. "This is all about getting to Donald Trump."

Watch the video below from CNN.