In 2015, The Trump foundation donated to James O’Keefe right-wing organization Project Veritas, which is known for conducting sting operations on left-leaning groups, the Washington Post’s David Farenthold reports.

The $10,000 donation was provided by Trump’s namesake charity after Project Veritas “[pitched] Trump on their work,” according to Farenthold. As Newsweek notes, that donation helped fund O’Keefe’s videos, including one alleging protestors at Trump’s rallies were paid $1,500 by Hillary Clinton's campaign.

"They hired people,” Trump said, referencing O’Keefe’s video. “They paid them $1,500, and they're on tape saying be violent, cause fights, do bad things.”

The report comes after a woman affiliated with Project Veritas attempted to pull a sting operation on the Washington Post—only to be outed by the newspaper in the process. The woman, Jaime Phillips, approached the Post with a false story of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore impregnating her when she was 15—an act that allegedly led to her obtaining and abortion.

According to the report, Phillips repeatedly asked reporters “to guarantee her that Moore would lose the election if she came forward.”