Fox host sends Fox & Friends into raving tailspin when he says Roy Moore should 'never be seated'
Gregg Jarrett appears on Fox & Friends (screen grab)

Fox News host and legal expert Gregg Jarrett shocked his colleagues on Fox & Friends over the weekend when he said that Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore should not be seated if he wins his race against Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

During a discussion about sexual harassment allegations against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), Fox & Friends host Ed Henry asked how a possible Senate ethics investigation could apply to Moore.

"No one on this couch is going to defend his alleged behavior," Henry said. "But it's alleged."

"If Moore wins, I think it is a sure bet -- you can place your money on it -- that that the ethics committee will take up the case of Roy Moore," Jarrett explained. "And I would urge [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell to not seat Roy Moore until the completion of an ethics committee review."

"If the committee says this man is not fit to sit in this U.S. Senate -- and I happen to think that is the case -- then he would never be seated," he added.

"But that opens the door to ethics probes of every single senator!" Henry exclaimed.

"This is not to defend the allegations or Roy Moore," co-host Pete Hegseth insisted. "But why should six people in a distant capital decide who is befitting the people of Alabama and not millions of voters who go to the ballot box, espescially on something that didn't happen when he was in the Senate?"

Jarrett reminded Hegseth that "if the rules of the Senate were otherwise it would not allow the Senate not to seat an elected senator."

"And so, it's within their latitude and discretion and authority to do so," he concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News.