GOP strategist Rick Wilson laments the 'throat-burning putrefaction rising off the corpse of the GOP’s moral stature'
Conservative commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

In light of a new sexual assault allegation levied against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Monday ripped apart the “throat-burning putrefaction rising off the corpse of the GOP’s moral stature.”

“In a just and sane world, Roy Moore would have already been disqualified,” Wilson wrote, referring to the multiple allegations charging Moore with seeking out sexual relationships with underage and teenage girls. “But in the era of Bannonite Republicanism, the gravity, credibility, and seriousness of the accusations against Moore aren’t disqualifiers; they’re selling points to a faction of the GOP intent on showing the world just how low they can sink as a party and as humans.”

Wilson argued people within the Republican party who are continued to support Moore are “driven by the cult of Trump-Bannon outrage politics,” adding stories of the Alabama Senate candidate’s “teen predation is rapidly metastasizing into another tumor in the political cancer that is consuming America from the inside out.”

“The throat-burning putrefaction rising off the corpse of the GOP’s moral stature is at its most pungent not just from Moore’s actions, but from the passionate chorus of his defenders,” Wilson wrote.

Wilson noted that Steve Bannon’s Breitbart has dispatched reporters to Alabama to find flaws in the Washington Post report and “smear the women who came forward on the record to tell their stories of sexual abuse at the hands of Roy Moore.”

“Social media is filled with ‘conservatives’ who were utterly convinced Hillary Clinton was at the center of a global child sex-slavery and cannibalism ring centered in a D.C. pizza restaurant, who are now cheerfully using the 'nut or a slut' attack on Moore’s accusers,” Wilson wrote.

“Some Republicans have taken the politically expedient and morally vacant ‘if true’ position on Moore, which is a perfect example of why Steve Bannon’s war to destroy them is succeeding,” Wilson continued. “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes got it exactly right when he called Bannon 'the strategic genius who’s managed to maneuver the Republican Party into being all in on a man who stands accused of molesting a child.'"

Wilson later praised Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s swift denunciation of Moore following Monday’s allegations. “We can hope this motivates those who have been too timid to stand up to the Trump horde, too cowed by Bannon’s thuggery, and too soft to stand like men who were raised to protect the defenseless,” he wrote.