Gubernatorial candidate loses campaign chief after 'disturbing and misguided' boast about bedding 50 women
Ohio Supreme Court justice and gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill (image via screengrab).

Hours after Ohio judge and gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill bragged about bedding "approximately 50 very attractive females" in defense of allegations of harassment against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), the candidate's campaign manager has resigned.

Chris Clevenger, O'Neill's former campaign manager, wrote in a Twitter thread announcing his resignation that the candidate's comments about the women he's had sex with were "both disturbing and misguided."


In O'Neill's since-edited post, the Ohio Supreme Court Judge wrote his post "on behalf of all heterosexual males" -- a comment Clevenger, who is gay, told Cleveland's Plain Dealer newspaper took him aback.

As the Plain Dealer noted in their article breaking the news of O'Neill's post, the judge has also defended Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.

"Roy Moore apparently seems to be a challenged individual when it comes to morality," O'Neill said. "I think that's very, very clear. He's been convicted of nothing and he's never had the opportunity to defend himself and that violates due process in America. The media is about to determine the election of a United States Senate campaign."

"Sexual harassment and assault are no laughing matter," Clevenger wrote in a subsequent tweet. "The next governor of Ohio must take it seriously to receive my vote."