'He cannot escape this': April Ryan says Trump will have a day of reckoning on sex abuse allegations
Hadas Gold, Brooke Baldwin and April Ryan on CNN (Screen capture)

American Urban Radio Networks Washington bureau chief April Ryan told CNN on Thursday that President Donald Trump will inevitably have a day of reckoning with regards to the women who have accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

Ryan was discussing accusations of sexual misconduct against Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) with journalist Hadas Gold and CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin.

Gold said that politicians only face accountability at the ballot box or -- in rare instances -- when they choose to step down. Thus the process will move slower than it does in broadcasting or other businesses where consumers make decisions every day.

"What I know is what I see from this strange perch," Ryan said. "What I see is that we have a president who a couple of weeks ago was weighing in on Roy Moore. He wanted Roy Moore regardless because he was desperate for a win -- a legislative win, one legislative win."

She continued, "Now with all of this coming up, we have a president who is the moral leader, who is faced with twelve-plus allegations, twelve-plus women, who are concerned about sexual misconduct with then-civilian Donald Trump."

"He cannot escape this," Ryan said. "As the chorus grows of names, it puts the spotlight back on this president."

Watch the video, embedded below: