‘He’s embarrassed me’: North Carolina voters confess they regret support for ‘baffling fool’ Trump
A woman comes face-to-face with Donald Trump at a rally (Reuters)

President Donald Trump's approval rating is stuck in the 30s, which means that a significant number of people who voted for him last year are at least starting to regret their choice.

The Washington Post reports that several North Carolina Trump voters expressed buyer's remorse during a focus group this week, with many voters saying they felt humiliated by the president's "childish" behavior.

"While I thought his ideas appealed to me, since he’s been in there he’s embarrassed me by his behavior," said 56-year-old Trump voter Annie Anthony. "I think that his language is unprofessional. He uses words like ‘sad’ and ‘bad.’ That’s first grade language. We’re an intelligent population who elected you. Represent us!"

62-year-old Trump voter Melissa Hight echoed similar themes, and said she's grown wary of Trump's constantly combative persona.

"I had high hopes, but he just goes about things in a way that gets everybody’s back up against the wall,” she said. "He doesn’t facilitate working together. He comes out with these grandiose ideas, and there’s no follow through. It’s a lot of talk."

41-year-old Trump voter Michael Leimone didn't say he regretted voting for Trump, but he did say the president has failed at leadership at key points, particularly after the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"He’s not been there when you needed him to be there," he said. "After Charlottesville and (the hurricanes), he was out doing other stuff."

The North Carolina focus group -- which consisted of five independents, four Republicans, and three Democrats -- did not have kind words overall for Trump, and the Post says panelists described him as "incompetent, a baffling fool, childlike, a loose cannon, an immature narcissist and ignorant."