Intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance: Don Jr is 'the nexus of all dirty tricks'
Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump celebrated his anticipated victory in the New York primary. with a brief press conference. Son Donald Trump, Jr. (Shutterstock)

Former career U.S. intelligence officer Malcolm Nance explained to MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes on Friday his prediction that Donald Trump, Jr. would eventually be revealed to be involved in all 2016 campaign dirty tricks.

"The stolen documents of the DNC, I think a lot of people forget, was an intelligence operation that began one year before Donald Trump's nomination," Nance reminded. "Which means that the Russians had this operation in play for a very long time."

"That's a good point," Hayes replied.

"I think Donald Trump, Jr.'s going to turn out to be the nexus of all dirty tricks," Nance predicted.

"He has now shown up in three separate data points that show he was his father's executive officer and Flynn was most likely the intelligence and operations officer to get the multiple dirty-trick contacts done," Nance explained.