Jared Kushner's real estate company seeks to hide identity of investors from class action lawsuit by tenants
Jared Kushner (Shutterstock)

White House senior advisor Jared Kushner's apartment company is asking a federal judge in Maryland to hide the names of investors from a class action lawsuit filed by tenants, The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday.

Westminster Management worried that Kushner's investors could face scrutiny or even scorn.

“Defendants’ remote and private investors are understandably reticent to have their identities exposed to similar media disclosure, scrutiny, speculation, and scorn,” the November 20 court filing claimed.

Kushner is President Donald Trump's son-in-law, married to his older daughter Ivanka.

Westminster Management further claimed that none of the investors are residents of Maryland, but would not say who was funding Kushner's company. There has been speculation that Kushner's real estate investments were a money-laundering vehicle for Russians.

Kushner's wife, Ivanka and her brother, Donald Trump Jr. may also be targets of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian money laundering.