Joy Reid blasts James O'Keefe's Project Veritas as 'Bannon turned into a scam' -- and 'Trump is their Mussolini'
Joy Reid on Sunday's "Meet the Press" (Screen capture)

MSNBC's Joy Reid spoke with Chris Hayes about the latest failed "sting" from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas attempting to take down The Washington Post.

Hayes noted that it makes him wonder what's "really going on" in their offices.

"Well, what's going on is two things: One, they're making money," Reid began. "Among the donors is -- in addition to the billionaires who are giving money to this guy who couldn't get hired at a college newspaper for free, let alone a normal newspaper organization -- are the marks in his email list. Project Veritas is constantly fundraising."

Reid noted that they also use Amazon smile, which allows people to give a percentage of their purchase to charity.

"He's managed to rack up a six-figure salary for himself doing that," Reid continued. "So, one motivation is that he's a grifter. And his second motivation is that he usually peddles his wares to Breitbart. He did that with the ACORN, where they took down a 40-year-old organization that registered black people and poor people to vote, just because they hated them and hated Barack Obama."

Reid also noted that the group is nothing more than a wager of an ideological war.

"They're Steve Bannon turned into a scam," Reid said.

Hayes was particularly shocked that staffers were living in Airbnb rooms with allies to former President Obama. “There is something that strikes me as sort of creepily authoritarian when people who lie with the president are renting your Airbnb to spy on you.”

Reid explained that in many ways, "Donald Trump is their Mussolini. He's their customer." She found it more frightening that Trump is also a consumer of the product. "He's actually consuming the WorldNetDaily. He's consuming the InfoWars, the Breitbart. He is as duped by it as their average person on that email list sending them $25... Donald Trump is purchasing this stuff and that's scary because nobody around him can reacquaint him with reality either."

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