Joy Reid unleashes on GOP officials refusing to drop Roy Moore: 'It can be a child molester as long as it's a Republican'
Joy Reid (Photo: Screen capture)

Republicans don't care if it's a child molester running for office, as long as it's a Republican child molester, Joy Reid told Chris Hayes Friday.

During the "All In" discussion about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, Reid noted that the two parties are remarkably different when it comes to things like sexual assault and sexual harassment. While Democrats didn't discourage Bill Clinton in the 1990s, today's progressive Democratic Party has lined up against their own political leaders accused of impropriety.

"This is what happens when party becomes almost a religion," she continued. "When it's child molester is -- having a child molester on the floor of the United States Senate is better than having a Democrat? That they would rather have someone like Donald Trump who is a braggadocious assaulter of women. Somebody who isn't even embarrassed about being a sexual assaulter, but better him than [Hillary Clinton]."

Reid went on to say that it seems like the GOP simply wants anything they can have, they don't care how bad.

"We don't care how wicked, we don't care how much of a liar, we don't care how corrupt, we don't care what he is," she continued. "This is what Republicans have essentially told us about Donald Trump from the beginning. What a scoundrel he is. Literally it can be a child molester as long as it's a Republican. We will accept anything. We don't care how it damages the reputation of our party and our country. Nothing comes before party, nothing, ever."

She explained that contemporary Democrats seem to be going in a different direction.

"The one thing you can't say about Democrats is that Democrats threw Anthony Weiner over the side like they just met him," Reid said. "They're ready to throw Bill Clinton over the side 17 years later. But Republicans essentially have created a religion out of their partisan affiliation and it literally doesn't matter what a Republican has done as long as there is an 'R' after his name and he's willing to vote through those tax cuts for the rich, they don't care who he is. That's a sad thing to say about your party."

Watch the full conversation below: