Keith Urban has a new song 'supporting' sexual assault victims -- and the Internet is baffled by it
Country singer Keith Urban (image via Shutterstock).

On Wednesday, country artist and Nicole Kidman husband Keith Urban released a new song, titled "Female," in the wake of growing sexual assault and harassment allegations against powerful men in the entertainment industry.

The song is, for all intents and purposes, feminist in nature -- but many on Twitter noted that the lyrics

"Sister, shoulder/Daughter, lover/Healer, broken halo/Mother nature/Fire, suit of armor/Soul survivor/Holy Water/Secret keeper, fortune teller/Virgin Mary, scarlet letter/Technicolor river wild/Baby girl, women shine/Female," Urban sings in the song's chorus.

Naturally, Twitter was on this lyric revelation like white on rice.

"I don't need this right now," Death and Taxes editor Maggie Serota tweeted.

"This song and this thread are going to drive me to drink," another wrote.

You can listen to a preview of "Female" -- and check out the best responses to Urban's seemingly "supportive" new song -- below.