Massachusetts man tried to mow down four Latino Walmart shoppers in attempted killing spree
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A Lynn, MA man has been taken into custody after he attempted run down Hispanic shoppers in Walmart parking lot on Black Friday.

According to the Salem News, 56-year-old Robert J. McCarthy Jr. pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges related to the Black Friday rampage, "including four counts of attempted murder and four counts of assault with intent to intimidate based on race or national origin."

McCarthy was also charged with threatening sexual assault and murder against the teenage boy who was walking with his family in the lot.

Around 10 PM on Black Friday, police responded to a call about a "loud, wild, chaotic scene." When police arrived, they noticed people running away from McCarthy's red sedan circling the lot.

"That's him," bystanders told police, the report notes. McCarthy "was only going after Spanish people," and "saying he was going to kill all the Spanish people."