'Never coming on this show again': Fox guest leaves in disgust after host rejects standard arithmetic

A Fox News panel ended in acrimony on Wednesday after center-left think tank founder grew disgusted with Fox host Melissa Francis's rejection of standard arithmetic.

During a debate over the Republican Party's proposed tax cut package, New Policy Institute founder Simon Rosenberg pointed to analysis showing that, over time, many middle-class families would pay more in taxes thanks to the GOP's efforts to cut tax credits for adoptions, state and local taxes, and medical expenses, among other things.

"Over time, a majority of middle-class people will be paying more in taxes rather than less," he said, referring to New York Times analysis showing that 45 percent of middle-class taxpayers would pay more in taxes under the GOP's plan by 2026 than they would pay under current laws.

"No, no, I don't accept that math," replied Francis. "It's static analysis, and I don't accept static analysis. I only agree with dynamic analysis, because when you cut, the economy's going to grow."

Static analysis is the method that the Congressional Budget Office uses to calculate projected effects of economic policies, and that makes estimates on policies strictly by the arithmetic of the proposals.

Dynamic analysis, in contrast, is a tactic favored by conservative think tanks who insist that any analysis of tax cuts must account for the purportedly explosive growth in economic activity that they will produce -- even though the tax cuts enacted by Republicans last decade showed that such cuts do not automatically trigger economic booms that result in higher tax revenues than what would have been collected through higher tax rates.

At the end of the segment, Rosenberg expressed his disdain for Francis's rejection of the standard means of scoring tax bills by saying it was the last time he would appear on her show.

"I'm not coming back on the show ever again," he said. "Thank you."

Watch the video below.