Nicolle Wallace: Don’t believe Trump staffers’ sob stories — they stay because they like the power
Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC (Screen capture)

On Thursday, "Deadline: White House" host Nicolle Wallace and Washington Post politics editor Robert Costa agreed that while President Donald Trump's advisors may put on a show of being torn between their powerful positions in the government and the corrupt chaos of the Trump administration, none of them appear to be leaving.

"We're always talking about, 'When are these people leaving?'" said Costa. "But the people who are there like the power of being in the government, they like the power of being in the White House."

"Bingo," said Wallace.

"And so the idea that they're always making these difficult decisions day-to-day to stay?" said Costa. "They relish it. They may tell their friends that they're having a tough time, but they stay because they're in power. Always remember that."

"No, bingo, you hit the nail right on the head," said Wallace. "They do play this game -- and the reason they're so entertaining to cover -- is because whenever there is a debacle, they burn up the phone lines saying, 'Hey, I'm part of the solution. I wasn't for that. I argued for something totally different."

"They seek to have it both ways," she said.

"It's true, they do," Costa agreed. "But they're still there."

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