Nicolle Wallace: Paul Ryan sold his soul, but maybe he 'can get back some of his other organs' by standing up to Trump
Nicolle Wallace

Conservative commentator Steve Schmidt and former White House communications director Nicolle Wallace on Wednesday slammed the Republican Party after voters overwhelmingly rejected Trumpism in statewide elections throughout the country.

Discussing defeated Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, Wallace posited the GOP candidate “lost because he sold his soul to the ugliest and darkest parts of Trumpism.”

“He got wrapped up in the Republican politics and the Donald Trump era,” Schmidt said. “He lost because of Donald Trump.”

"If you look at just the congressional races and understand in the last 118 years there's only been three times where the incumbent president's party hasn't lost seats in the first midterm, this should be a moment where Republicans are terrified in the House of Representatives over losing their majority,” Schmidt added.

Noting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s assertion Wednesday that the GOP is “with Trump,” Schmidt said said the party is losing support among Independents and even Republicans.

“So the Democrats, if they win in November, aren’t going to be able to enact a progressive agenda, not while he's in the White House,” Schmidt said. “There's one question on the ballot which is, do you want to have a check on Donald Trump? Because the Republicans in the Congress are completely incapable of exercising any oversight authority on any of the excesses in this administration, from its malfeasance to its incompetence to its corruption. So I think when we look ahead to November, Nancy Pelosi might be well served to start measuring the new drapes for her office.”

Wallace later wondered if House Speaker Ryan is maybe interested in standing up to Trump to “get back some of [his] other organs.”

“Why isn't Paul Ryan, while he's flexing and whatever he does in his P90X thing this morning go, ‘You know, on second thought, I’ve sold my soul but maybe I can get back some of my other organs by standing up to this president when he does things that repel?’”

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