Nicolle Wallace sickened by Trump's embrace of Moore: 'I have this physical feeling of being repulsed'
Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC anchor of 'Deadline: White House'

MSNBC anchor and former George W. Bush communications director Nicolle Wallace said she felt physically repulsed after President Donald Trump came to the defense of embattle Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

"I have this physical feeling of just being repulsed listening to -- be it a figure head, he is the head of the Republican Party and I have described myself as a nonpracticing member, but I don't know what other word to use other than repulsed, that the head of the Republican Party said essentially threw his weight behind someone accused of stalking and engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old."

"I think that the debate that's happening right now within the Republican Party are Republicans who want to win at absolutely any cost and Republicans who are saying, 'stop, there's no supporting child molestation,'" MSNB political analyst Elise Jordan responded.

"I think Donald Trump is all about Donald Trump, all he cares about is himself," NBC News national affairs analyst John Heilemann suggested. "I don't think he's weighing moral consistency or ethical consistency."

"There's nothing normal about throwing your weight behind a child molester. So when he says, this president says 'he denies it, he denies it' I almost heard in him, 'I denied it too,'" Wallace observed. "He's almost projecting on to Roy Moore his own circumstance."

"That's what I heard, he didn't just deny it, he totally denies it," former Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MA) replied with a chuckle.