People in Trump's America are having worse sex -- and it doing it less often
Trump blows kisses (Photo: Screen capture)

The political climate ushered in by Donald Trump has affected every facet of American life -- including, some say, their sex lives.

According to results published in the Washington Examiner from a poll conducted by sex toy box club Unbound, a third of survey respondents say they've had less sex in the year since Trump was elected.

Of the 507 people polled, 34 percent said they've had less sex since November 2016 and 18 percent said they've enjoyed sex less since the election. Another 17 percent said their partners' political views matter to them now -- a "new consideration" in their dating lives that didn't exist before.

Sex wasn't the only arena of respondents' lives that has been affected by Trump's ascendance -- 50 percent said their romantic relationships in general had been affected by the political climate, and 40 percent said it's taken a toll on their friendships as well.