Reporters trash Fox News for publishing anonymous hit piece claiming Roy Moore accuser is a Clinton supporter
Former Alabama chief justice Roy Moore (Screenshot/YouTube)

On Friday evening, Fox News published an article claiming one of the women that said she dated a 30-something Roy Moore when she was a teenager is a Democrat in what appears to be an attempt to prove the woman's claim was politically motivated.

Soon, Twitter noticed there was something off about the article -- it doesn't have an author. While most articles on Fox's site (and everyone else's) typically have the name of the writer under the headline, this one, curiously, did not.

Many journalists, whose livelihoods are based on their bylines, took to Twitter to point out the discrepancy.

Mother Jones' editor-in-chief Clara Jeffrey noted that this appears to be a trend at Fox News:

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski of "K-File" fame accused the right-wing network of "muddying the waters":


Politico's Matthew Nussbaum noticed that despite the network's reputation, nobody wanted to claim it:


Atlanta NPR affiliate host Stephen Fowler noticed the same thing:


And USA Today editor John Kelly noticed that this isn't Fox's first time at the anonymously-sourced rodeo: