School busted for testing students on whether they would rather have a black or gay person as a neighbor
School students reading from a book (Shutterstock)

The mother of an African-Caribbean child was alarmed when her daughter revealed a school test that required students to rank the desirability of living next to marginalized groups.

Naomi Davis, whose daughter is 11, was livid about schoolwork her daughter Chayse was assigned by the Bristol Free School in England.

The BBC reported Chayse came home from school and told here mother she wanted "to show you something and I don't think it's going to make you happy."

"My daughter took a picture of her school work to show me ... She is 11 & had to rate who you 'WOULD NOT' want to live next door to....1 being the best & 14 being the worst ...why is there "A Black Person" on the list ????" Davis posted on Facebook. "There are 3 African Carribean children in her class of 30!!"

Undesirables to be ranked during the assignment included:

  • A hoody wearer
  • A black man
  • A vegetarian
  • A gay man
  • Someone with a learning difficulty
  • A guitarist in a band

"Imma bout to start a revolution at that school tomorrow," Davis, a presenter for the BBC in Bristol, also wrote in her Facebook post. "Never fall back and let these things pass."

Davis later updated her post after a meeting with the headmaster and teacher involved.

Davis reported the school, "apologized to my daughter & me & acknowledge its completely unacceptable racial profiling and the wording needs to be changed immediately."