'Stop your abuse!': Roy Moore supporters freak out over reporters asking GOP Senate candidate questions
Aftermath of Moore press conference (Photo: Beth Shelburne/ Twitter)

After Roy Moore took the stage in Alabama to claim he wasn't stepping down from his campaign, his supporters filed out of the room, passing reporters as they went. That's where the altercations began.

According to BuzzFeed, the event planner told reporters that organizers "have requested no questions about any of the allegations." At the time, the reporters were sitting among the supporters in chairs in the small room. When the question and answer part of the rally came, Moore sat down and Faith2Action president Janet Porter stood at the podium to answer questions.

A CNN reporter was first to inquire whether or not Moore had touched any of the women accusing him of sexual harassment. Moore supporters lost it.

“He’s already answered that,” one shouted.

“Hush,” said another.

“Stop lying,” an angry supporter shouted.

The second reporter asked a similar question and again the supporters went nuts. Both Moore and his wife Kayla simply stood up and left, and the press conference ceased.

“You were told not to ask about that,” one Moore supporter shouted at the CNN reporter.

“You make me sick,” said one woman said to the reporter as she left.

Outside the room in a hallway, cameras and reporters surrounded former Senate and presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who now serves as the chair of Renew America, a blog site which claims to be "a grassroots organization."

“You refused to stop your abuse,” he berated the cameras. “Asked, and answered, again and again. He could answer that question a thousand times, and if a thousand accusations were made, he could answer every one a thousand times and you would prove yourself a liar.”

As Moore supporters walked by they shouted at the cameras as well.

“You did not have the decency to abide by the rules that we established for you to come here and record our conference,” Pastor Stephen Broden told reporters.

“You were asked to ask questions about the issues, the issues about our country. You were not asked to ask personal questions about Mr. Moore. We wanted to hear what he had to say about the issues, and you did not allow it because you are the fake, lying news from the swamp,” said Alabama Republican Ginger Barbee, who spoke for Moore.

Evangelical leader Flip Benham said that the camera should show the reporters because they looked "smug" and were "frothing at the mouth" over the allegations against Moore.

“Look at the mob,” he said. “These people are sick, sick, sick.”

Listen below: