Student suspended for filming a teacher playing a game of hangman that spelled out racial slur
A student and teacher at Kokomo High School playing hangman using a racial slur (left) and the teacher, Greg Ostapa (right). Images via screengrab.

A high school student in Kokomo, Indiana said she was suspended after filming an eight-second video of a teacher and fellow student playing a game of hangman that spelled out a racial slur.

According to Kokomo Tribune, Kokomo High School student Siciley Cannon filmed teacher Greg Ostapa and another student playing the racist game on a tablet and posting it on Snapchat with the caption she didn't "find this funny at all." Other students shared the video with administrators and informed Cannon that she'd been suspended for filming the teacher and student without their consent.

After her suspension, Cannon shared a petition to urge the school to reverse and expunge her suspension. The petition also alleged Ostapa "invited two girls of African American descent to look at the screen" featuring the N-word.

"When he saw that I didn’t think it was funny, he hurried up and tried to erase it,” Cannon said. “He just didn’t make it seem like what he was doing was wrong."

Ostapa, who was employed at KHS as a paraprofessional, was eventually terminated after the video and Cannon's suspension went viral. The school also told the Kokomo Tribune that students who participated in the game had been disciplined as well.

You can watch Cannon's video of the racist game below.